Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume VIII (December 2016)


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Cover Art by Luke Spooner

Foreword by Peter Orullian

This collection is complete but has not yet been printed.

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Gabriel Griffin Red Riding-hood’s Garden
Louis Rakovich People-like Trees in the Night
Charles Henke Vessel
Karen Resta Beer, Bait, Tackle
Bo Balder She Waxes While We Wane
Michael Haynes Worlds Apart
India Stronach The Woods
Sarah L. Johnson I Am Lost
GennaRose Nethercott Each Uisge
Janet E. Irvin A Principle of Light
Dany G. Zuwen Black Tears in Heaven
Floris M. Kleijne A Cold Welcome
Alix E. Harrow Patience and Not-Forsaken
Alexis A. Hunter Goodbye Stranger
Beth Cato Clockwork Girl
Jeff Bowles Luna Incognita
Brian Fence The Eighth Bible Of New Egypt
Crystal Lynn Hilbert Dawnsong
Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach Medusa recalls her last day as a woman
Francis Marion Soty Prince Ahmad and the Love-Struck Jinni
Marina J. Lostetter The Stem
Olivia R. Burton Afflicted with Existence
Dustin Brown Da Capo al Fine
Brynn MacNab Warm
John Vicary Under Skin and Spike
Kristen Skerry Andrews Basilisk
James Aquilone The Great Work
Layla Carr Stomach of Iron, Heart of Glass
Michael Garrett Ashby II Women, Rings, and Little Furry Things
Lily Iona MacKenzie Priscilla the Python
George Wells Make Less the Depth
W. P. Johnson Glass and Jelly
Andrew Hook Cold Water Killer
Tom Crosshill A Well-Adjusted Man
Melissa Cannon Yellow Taxi