Ember Volume 1, Issue 1 (Fall 2014)


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Ask any successful author how they got their start, and they'll tell you that when they were young they loved reading. One of the foundational goals of Ember is to foster the next generation of great writers by providing them with excellent reading material now. We believe that people who learn to love reading at an early age are more likely to seek knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and math

Those who then learn to love writing often go on to apply creativity and problem solving to those same critical disciplines—underscoring the importance of solid reading and writing skills.

But we're not just looking at writers who may have talent someday. Many adolescents and teens already show genuine imagination and talent—not just potential, but real mastery of language and storytelling. While we love great writing from contributors of all ages and experience levels, we're especially eager to purchase and publish stories and poems from younger writers in order to provide a professional experience and a platform from which to launch their careers.

For that reason, our submission guidelines are open to authors and poets age 10 and up.

Our inaugural issue is beautiful inside and out, with amazing contributions like:

  • Cover art by James R. Eads
  • Illustrations by Sean Greenberg
  • Foreword by Chad Morris
  • Stone ShowersThe Precipice
  • Todd WaltonHoney
  • JC HemphillDead Dog
  • BC Flinton — Mimeograph
  • Jeff SuwakThe Familiar and his Alchemist
  • Kacey VanderkarrDistraction
  • Andrew KayeRoots and Branches
  • Melissa ShawThe Astronaut
  • * Sho Sho Leigh Ho — Splitting the Seams of My Pants
  • B L Draper —The Great Garden Heist
  • Bert Lowe — Cat Tail
  • Laura M Kaminski — Dim
  • * Sylvia S. Hicks — Fleeing from Fire
  • Jeffrey Beck — Outlaw
  • Edward Ahern — Puzwuk the Orphan Boy and the Starving Time
  • Gerri Leen — They Just Don't Mix
  • David NeilsenThe Séance
  • Cathleen CohenStealing Colors
  • Bo Balder — She Waxes While We Wane

* Young contributors (age 14 and under)