Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume VI


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Published: February 11, 2015

Cover Art and Foreword by Goodloe Byron

Illustrations by Paul Pederson 


Renee Carter Hall The Frog who Swallowed the Moon
Robert Menegus Crawdad
Kat Alexander Migration Patterns of the Striped Eastern Mallard
Todd Walton Honey
Tom Howard How Tigers Got Their Stripes
Linda Simone Carlota’s Thrush
Jeff Suwak The Familiar and his Alchemist
George Wells All That Never Happens
Heather D. Boyd Esmeralda
Kristine Ong Muslim The Day It Rained Stones
Llanwyre Laish Lyric
Alexis A. Hunter Subject Stellar
Daniel Rosen To Kill the Stars
Arley Sorg Edyn the Monk
Sean Gill Mortimer’s Sanctuary, and What He Found There
Christine Darcas Heaven is a Howl Away
Dan Pitts The Mosquito in My Ear
Stephen Koster Butterflies