Ember Volume 3, Issue 1


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New! We have released this issue in two formats: our standard trade paperback with a full-color glossy laminate, and a limited-edition satin finish cover on an even higher-quality paper. There are only 500 copies of the limited-edition format.

Cover Art by Candace Rose Rardon

Illustrations by Casey Robin

One of the most exciting things about each issue is the opportunity to feature work from young writers in addition to great stories for young readers. Our Volume 3 lineup includes three contributors aged 18 or under, designated below by the Ember quill:

  • “Lift the Sky Veil” by Mollie Weisenfeld
  • “Acrobats” by Hannah Whiteoak
  • “Cowpie” by Jacquelyn Lipke
  • “The Walking Stick” by Nadia K. Brown 
  • “The Girl Who Waited for the Fish Storm” by Giovanni De Feo
  • “Bird Watching at the Bay” by Emily Strauss
  • “The Kindom of Danga” by Holly Thompson
  • “Nova” by Emily McCosh
  • “The Curse” by Melinda Brasher 
  • “The Piebald Buck” by Paul Michel
  • “Mei Xiang” by Sophia Diggs-Galligan
  • “The Cirein-Cròin” by Wendy Nikel
  • “Three Golden Strands” by S. M. Hanlon
  • “The Dueling Master” by Charles Schoenfeld
  • “Farview” by Joanna White
  • “Apples Don’t Fall Far” by LJ McDowall
  • “Warm” by Brynn MacNab
  • “Karner Blue Butterfly” by Abby Chew
  • “Shift Work” by Laura DeHaan
  • “Teardrops and Watermelon Seeds” by Carie Juettner