How Your Tax-Deductible Donation Is Used

We invite you to specify how you want your donation to be allocated. This ensures that your generous gift goes exactly where you want it to. Simply select one of the options below using the “Please Apply” dropdown menu.

As Needed

When you ask that your donation be used as needed, we will first apply it toward paying contributors, then toward operating expenses (e.g., printing costs, web hosting fees, and marketing), and finally, when everything else is taken care of, toward reimbursing our editor-in-chief and volunteer staff.


The Empire & Great Jones Creative Arts Foundation sponsors an annual scholarship to the elite and prestigious Clarion West Writers Workshop. For younger writers, we award an annual scholarship to the California State Summer School for the Arts Creative Writing Program.

When your donation is applied to our scholarship fund, you enable us to continue these sponsorships and expand our scholarship offerings. We are also happy to let the scholarship recipient know of your direct contribution to their award, unless you’d prefer to remain anonymous.

Learn more about our scholarships at

Contributor Payment

We are committed to paying every contributor, regardless of her or his publication history. This means debut writers get paid just like established professionals. Unfortunately, all payments currently come from the pockets of our editor-in-chief and his family, so we are only able to offer semipro compensation of two cents per word (with a minimum of $20 per work).

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Contest Prizes

Each quarter, Spark: A Creative Anthology hosts a poetry & prose writing contest featuring a cash prize and publication for the winner. Your donation helps us keep these contests free (no entry fee) in order to encourage great writers to participate. When you ask us to apply your donation to Contest Prizes, we are happy to list you as a sponsor under "About the Awards" unless you'd prefer to remain anonymous. See our current contest for an example.