“Sleeping Spring” Art Print by Casey Robin


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Like a princess frozen in ice, the spirit of Nature waits in enchanted sleep. Delicate snowflakes and heady blossoms drift through the scene, as Winter turns to Spring.

“Sleeping Spring” was commissioned for the cover of Spark, Volume V, from artist and CSSSA alumna Casey Robin. The original work, which measures about 12″ × 9″, was painted on illustration board using pigmented pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylic, and gouache.

Limited Edition Prints

These are limited to a single run of 10 worldwide. We will not print more.

Your limited-edition “Sleeping Spring” giclée print was created in Casey Robin’s studio, with every step of the process overseen by the artist. The prints were rendered with an Epson Photo Stylus R3000 printer on 13″ x 19 Epson Velvet Fine Art paper. This process uses the highest-quality paper, pigments, and digital settings, ensuring that each print will be completely archival. The interior image was printed at 600 dpi to match the dimensions of the original illustration.

Once set, each print was hand-embellished by Casey Robin. Using professional-grade paints and pencils, she enhanced her favorite details, and even added a new touch or two. Each print is therefore unique, as well as signed and hand-numbered by the artist. A certificate of authenticity—designed, signed, and numbered by the artist—accompanies each print.

As an added bonus, an archival reproduction of Casey Robin’s original blue-pencil sketch will be included along with the limited-edition “Sleeping Spring” print. It was printed using the same high-quality process as the larger print, and will measure approximately 6″ x 8 on  x 11 Velvet Fine Art paper. It, too, will be signed and numbered by the artist. 

Open Edition Prints

If you miss out on the limited-edition prints, dont worry! We always have the open edition available, and each is a high-quality reproduction on 19 × 13 Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper, printed with the same Epson R3000 printer as the limited-edition prints, which means exquisite detail and an archival print that will last and last. Your “Sleeping Spring” print will arrive in a stay-flat photo mailer with a plastic protective sleeve and backing board.

As with all Casey Robin art prints, “Sleeping Spring” prints are lovingly made and signed by the artist—Casey Robin! Casey is a freelance visual development artist working out of Southern California. She studied art and animation at CalArts, Studio Art Centers International, the Illustration Academy, and more. She has worked for Disney, Zondervan, KlickNation, and the Pac-12 Convention. More prints of her work can be found at the CaseyRobinArt Etsy shop.