“Impresión del perfil de una mujer” by Rodney Artiles


Impresión del perfil de una mujer by Rodney Artiles will be featured as the cover of Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume III. 

As our “Thank You!” for your donation, you’ll receive one limited edition print of Impresión del perfil de una mujer on Somerset Velvet acid-free art paper, approximately 11" x 13", suitable for framing, signed and numbered by Rodney Artiles.

You'll also receive priority delivery of the eBook edition of Volume I through Volume IV in both Kindle and EPUB formats as soon as each becomes available.

Our eBook files are always DRM-free.

  • For donations at or above $200.00, you'll also receive a print copy of  Volume I through Volume IV in Trade Paperback format as soon as each volume becomes available.
  • For donations at or above $350.00, your signed and numbered print will be rendered on Smooth Fine Art 100% cotton acid-free art paper at approximately 14" x 17" (very close to the original size).